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Your Questions Answered

1. What are the services offered by your clinic ?

Primary healthcare for adults, children, babies and the elderly which includes Wellness Screening for man & women, orthopaedic problems, Immunisation for kids & adults, blood and urine tests and minor surgery (includes Circumcision).

2. What are your clinic operating hours and time allowance before to consult our doctors ?

We accept walk-in patients at all operating hours from Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Please allow at least 15 minutes for registration, the completion of any necessary paperwork and our clinic staff to perform various checks before to see our doctor. 

3. When is the best time to visit our clinic and what preparation is needed before medical check-up ?

4. What identification documents are needed for clinic registration ?

Your Malaysian identity card (NRIC) and passport for non-Malaysians. For company employees that are registered as our clinic panel companies, patients should bring additional identification as provided by the employer whether it is staff medical card or book, ID tag or medical visit chit/slip.

5.What medical records and interpreter (if needed) do I need to bring for my doctor's appointment when seeking a second opinion of my medical condition ?

Please bring along any relevant hospital or clinic records, lab results, imaging records (X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI, etc) , drug and treatment history. These records will provide valuable insights and aid our doctor in making appropriate diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment. For patients who are not comfortable with English or Malay/Indonesian language please bring along someone who can help to interpret your medical history and concerns.

6. What are the ultrasound scan, blood and urine tests are performed in your clinic ?

In our clinic we own and operate an Ultrasound Machine , FBC machine , FEME and other devices to perform the following : a) Ultrasound machine to perform 2D, 3D, 4D scan babies of pregnant mothers to check and monitor the baby's development, the presence of a multiple pregnancy and to help pick up any abnormalities b) Full Blood Count (FBC) Analyser to measure your blood haemoglobin, platelets, red blood cell and white blood cell characteristics for a quick check of infection, inflammation, etc for a rapid broad screening test to check for such disorders as anaemia , infection, inflammation and many other diseases. c) We also use our own FEME Analyser to analyse your urine to check for medical conditions like urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, diabetes, and liver disorders d) In addition we can also perform in our clinic tests for Dengue Fever, COVID and certain narcotics drug tests. However our doctor may order external lab test if needed to confirm the suspected diagnosis and come up with the treatment plan

7. For external lab tests how long will it take to get my results back and how will I be notified ?

If our doctor order for external lab tests the results of these tests will be available within 24 - 48 hours. However some "urgent tests" for screening of Dengue Fever can be done in - house while others will be available within 6 hours. In cases, where special tests are needed, it may take up to a week but it will be explained to you by the attending doctor and the clinic will normally contact you as soon as the results are available.

8. Do you provide advise and clarification to cancer patients and/or their love sons to better understand  what is cancer, how does it progress, what treatment options are available, what are potential side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, what to expect during recovery or after relapse, etc ?

For many patients’ and their love ones news of being diagnosed with cancer evoke initial feelings of denial, anger, anxiety and blame. Consultation with their oncologist or GP sometimes does not help to resolve their concern about their cancer progress, treatment options available and prognosis (future outcome). Cancer greatly impact the patient's and their family finances, mental health, social wellbeing and spiritual health. Our cancer consultation is to provide clear and simple professional advice on your specific cancer to clarify any misunderstanding of the patient's cancer, possible treatment options and outcome, lifestyle changes and referral to relevant oncologist and haematologist (blood cancer). We wish to clarify that we do not provide any surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy. However we can give drugs for symptomatic relief of cancer treatment. a) Who should use our Cancer Consultation Package? The patient, patient's family member or guardian, patient's friend or anyone who needs advice on cancer. b) Why should I engage your clinic doctor for Cancer Consultation Package? Our Principal Doctor, Dr Khalil, has 4 years working experience as Medical Officer at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Institute of Oncology & Radiotherapy. He has consulted and treated estimated 9,000 patients in the cancer wards of all types, stages and grades of cancer (except blood cancer). Dr Khalil experience also includes consultation and follow up treatment of about 13,000 patients in cancer clinic. It is highly probable that he has seen and consulted your type, stage and grade of cancer and will be able to help you navigate through your journey with cancer. c) Do! need to make an appointment for Cancer Consultation Package?  Yes. Our Cancer Consult require more time than normal GP consult. It is preferable to make an appointment to ensure that our doctor has sufficient time to provide the required advice.  d) What document and reports should | submit before the actual Cancer Consultation date?  The patient's referral letter, imaging report (X-ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan, PET CT Scan, Bone Scan), blood investigation, tumor marker, current and previous treatment and drugs, comorbid follow-up status (eg Diabetes, Kidney condition, Heart status).  e)What is included in the Cancer Consultation Package?  To review the cancer related documents and report before the actual cancer consultation, discuss and clarify the patient current condition, treatment options & possible outcomes and our doctor referral to Oncologist, Haematologist and Hospice Care.  f) How do | make appointment and upload the patient's cancer document and reports? Appointment can be made via above cancer consultation form Whatsapp at +6011-4000 9922 or call us at +603 4032 2840. After you received confirmation of your appointment kindly sent documents and reports to

9. How much am I expected to pay ?

Our charges are competitive for the quality of services rendered and within the guidelines set up by the Malaysian Medical Council. Some patients are covered by their own Panel Companies/ MCO on payment limits for different staff level and various types of treatment including consultation charges, procedures and drugs as stated in the contract with the clinic. The final cost will however depend on the duration of the consultation, type of test done, procedures carried out, the medicine prescribed and the duration of the treatment.

10. What medical specialist treatment do you provide ?

Our clinic currently provide the services of an orthopaedic surgeon who can diagnose and treat diseases related to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are so essential to movement using minor surgical procedure within our clinic. Our orthopaedic surgeon is available every Tuesday (8:15pm-10pm) and every Friday (4pm-8pm) and it is recommended to make an appointment in advance. Although a skin specialist (dermatologist) is not staffed at our clinic, our doctors can treat many non-serious skin diseases including eczema, mild acne, rosacea, warts, minor rashes, bug bites, simple cysts, athlete's foot, dandruff and mild, benign lesions, mole and skin tag removal.  In the future we plan to expand our specialist services to include skin diseases and women's reproductive health conditions.

11. Do you have female doctors and what type of doctors do you have ?

Yes, we have several women resident doctors at our clinic. All our doctors are fully registered with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) and must complete their yearly Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in order to renew their Annual Practicing Certificate issued yearly by the MMC. The CPD provide our doctors to keep themselves updated on the current treatment trends as well as latest clinical procedures. As Family Physicians, all of our doctors have been trained in general practice which includes adult, adolescent, children and babies wellness, women's health including ante-natal care, chronic illness, minor surgeries as well as vaccinations for all children and adults including Haj Pilgrims and travelers.

12. What types of vaccination are offered ?

We have Influenza, Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, MMR, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Chicken Pox and many other vaccinations readily available in stock

13. Do I need to see your doctor before I get a vaccine ?

Yes, you will need to see our doctor for a consultation prior to getting a vaccination. Once you have discussed the vaccination with the doctor, any subsequent doses of that vaccine course can be given by a nurse as advised by the doctor. If you have commenced a course of vaccine in another country and require a continuation, you will still be required to be seen by the doctor.

14. When do I need to come in for another vaccination ?

We have a vaccination register set-up which allows our nursing staff to contact patients when they are due for any booster vaccinations. If a patient calls to enquire about their vaccination schedule, a nurse will be able to check the patient's record to what vaccinations are outstanding. When attending the clinic it is important that patients bring their vaccination record booklet.

15. What vaccines do I need to visit a particular country ?

It is difficult for a nurse or doctor to answer this question over the telephone. Each country has its own specific requirements depending on such factors as where the patient is staying, the activities they undertake during their travels and of course the patient's own medical history. A travel consultation will clarify the patient's needs and check which up-to-date vaccines are needed.

16. What is a medical speciality referral ?

We provide primary care to our patients. Some patients have more complicated problems that require the attention of specialist doctors. If we think a specialist doctor could help you better, we will give you a referral to the appropriate specialist government or private hospital.

17. What forms of Payment are accepted at your clinic ?

We offer multiple payment options at our clinic including credit or debit card, both chip and contactless payments. We also accept QR code payments through popular digital wallets or payment apps. For online transactions, we facilitate secure bank transfers for your convenience. Furthermore, if you are part of a panel  or insurance coverage through a partnered organization, we can process payments directly through your insurance plan. 

18. Who can I talk to about a complaint ?

There are a number of avenues available for you to share your opinions in this regard. You can always ask to speak to the doctor or staff on duty at our clinic when you have an experienced something that you feel uncomfortable or is unacceptable. Positive feedback to improve the clinic operations is most welcome. You can also fill-in the patient feedback form and surrender it to our staff-on-duty who will forward it to the doctor-in-charge. We encourage you to take this step for immediate resolution of any problem or issue. Another avenue available to you is to write your complaints to our clinic doctor-in-charge to investigate and hopefully offer a fair and satisfactory resolution.


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