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Inside Dr Khalil Room

U.N.I Klinik KLTS commenced operation in April 2019 under the leadership of Dr. Mohd Khalil Mohd Hashim after having served 11 years with the Malaysian Ministry of Health in both urban and rural areas. His urban experience in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, the largest public hospital in Malaysia, exposed him to the demanding sometimes chaotic work environment where he had to juggle between a busy work schedule while giving patients quality compassionate healthcare. The experience and expertise gained during his housemanship training in internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics & gynaecology (O&G), emergency medicine, orthopaedic surgery and surgery helped him to understand that medicine is composed of many diverse fields yet all these fields are interconnected. After serving Hospital KL Dr Khalil was assigned to rural areas in northern Perak state. Subsequently he returned to KL Hospital to serve at Institute of Radiotherapy and Oncology for 4 years including quarterly stints at Institute of Respiratory Medicine, Neurology, ENT and O&G.  


Dr Khalil enjoyed his 5 years placement in rural Perak state where he served as Doctor-in-charge and Admin Manager at Government Health Clinics at Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Gula and later as Medical Officer at Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Kurau located in northern Kerian district. These rural areas are mainly populated by oil palm plantation workers, rice farmers, fishermen and shopkeepers. The majority of his patients comprise Chinese and Indians who have limited exposure and hence command of the national Malay language. This language barrier coupled with the challenging socio-economic environment made communication with patients a daily struggle which taught him the virtues of patience and perseverance, To resolve the language issue Dr Khalil developed a special chart of diagrams and text to help both doctor and patients understand each other. During his free time Dr Khalil took up fishing with free passage from his friendly fishermen patients.

The wide range of experience and expertise gained in both urban and rural work environment has helped to develop our clinic core values like respect, empathy, integrity, transparency while committing to provide excellent professional healthcare. These human and professional values are embedded in UNI Klinic KLTS operational philosophy and procedures where we strive to put the patient first in everything that we do, hence our motto “Patient Centred Treatment for Everyone”


To operate as a patient-centred medical services provider as well as setting a benchmark for medical clinic in every aspect in order to establish a healthy and productive community


To provide a healthcare services that integrate the best up-to-date medical knowledge, clinical practices, medication and medical equipment while upholding core virtuous values and taking into consideration the patient's physical, emotional and mental states and needs 


Respect   We respect beliefs and customs of our patients and  medical advice accordingly
Transparency We practice honesty is all our dealings with patients
Commitment We are committed to ensure our patients receive the appropriate medical care
Competency We ensure that our staff has the relevant knowledge and skills
Accountability We take full responsibility of our deeds 


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